How it Worx

We are not a web shop and we’re not a company.
We are two friends sharing our ideas.
We developed our accessories for our Tuaregs, in the first place;
As there was a lot of people showing interest,
we tried to find a way to make them available to others
… at reasonable prices.

This way is called “buying group”.

We present our parts and check that there is enough interest to start a purchase as a group,
normally “enough” means 10 pieces or more, so that the production’s costs will be low enough.

There’s still “multipliers” for the final cost,
e.g. VAT, fastening elements, postages, sometimes the prototype (most of the time in PETG, but still an iterative process which requires time, work and materials) and so on,
or the fact that a five-items-production is more expensive than a ten-pieces-order, but still:
at this stage the final “price” stays below the one we would have to pay for the production of only one or two specimens.

So, this is how it will work.

We will show our new parts.
We will ask how many are interested, asking also for the address so that we can check postage in advance.
When we will get up to 10 interested (maybe we will do the same for 5, but the price will be higher) we will check the production costs.
So we will communicate the prices.
At this point, we will ask all those interested to paypal the amount.
Only then we will purchase the parts. As a group.

Because you will not “buy” anything from us: 
we will send out an order… together!