Windscreen Hinge

Given the possibility to load the tower behind the windscreen,
we needed to access that space more easily.

Aluminium windscreen hinge

Made in 3mm thick sandblasted aluminium it uses the 12mm OEM bar as pivot, while the windscreen is fixed to the Hinge through the OEM attachment points and fasteners.

The PETG bushings protect the 12mm bar from friction,
reduce the vibrations and allow an assembly without play.

Our system reduces the number of screws to remove to access the Front Rack, and re-uses the OEM fasteners
(while our quick-release takes care of the lower bolts);
the windscreen is easily rotated/lifted, giving access to the Front Rack and removing the need to find a spot where safely put him while accessing the tools bag(s).

due the material thickness and the re-use of the original fasteners
the windscreen is moved forward by about 6 mm