Devices Mount

As promised we’re now ready to present our last creation:
a real GWX Holder for any kind of devices, to be mounted on the bar over the dash.

Aluminium device holder

We took care that it’ll be:

steady & light:
we wanted a minimal last for the tower, paired to a maximal endurance to vibes and other mechanical stress; so it uses our Front Rack as support, together with the OEM bar: 140 grams are between the 70 grams of a simple clamped bracket and the 190 of a typical RAM mount.

Free from play but not fixed to the bar, it also ignores her small rotation, an issue that was bothering some users;

functional & simple:
the 30 degrees adjustment, in 3 easy-to-set steps, doesn’t needs any tools:

simply and immediate to match the different needs while touring,
even without take off your gloves.

versatile & elegant:
the base can be mounted and used directly, without the adjustment plate, in the same slant as the original dash, because both plates have AMPS hole patterns plus a central hole for other commercial, e.g. quad lock, or self made systems;

while the design allows to use a big range of devices from mobile phone to 8″ tablet through a classic navigation device or a carplay (or android auto) device, without interference with the dashboard or the windscreen;

of course due the lack of space your mounted device will interfere more or less drastically with the function of our Windscreen Hinge, but the holder itself doesn’t, so you’ll be able to reach the front load without problems.