FGWX-09-A right

Handle Aluminium PETG

Handle Aluminium PETG

To hold the bike when moving it or as secure grip for the passenger, to help in lifting the bike or just to fix some luggage:
the handles are simply indispensable.

Following the suggestions about the first version we enlarged the plastic grip:
still light, discreet, functional, but now better looking!

They can be mounted as stand alone or to complete the rear/side racks,
the 5mm thick aluminium core is sturdy, the grip anatomic and yet ever more comfortable.

Weight: 290g /pair

Mounting instructions:

4 replies on “FGWX-09-A right”

hi there, im interested in buying a pair of the grab handles thanks.
Also I would be keen on the new gear shift lever.
How much are they each ?. I live in Australia, geelong Victoria, 3220 any idea on freight,

Hi Ben, thank you for your interest. 😀 But how you can read in the section How it worx, we are not a shop, we buy as a group. And at the moment we don’t have an open group buy for the handles, neither for the levers, that we anyway have to test first.
If interested please send us a mail, that’s how we collect interest (we will add you to the list for the next group buy).

Thanks very much, yes im mostly interesed in the handles, and the gear shifter when you have that to go
Thanks ben

Hi Ben,
thanks, we will add you to the list, but please send us a mail, we do not collect interest through the comment section. 🙂

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