Rear Rack “Heavy Duty”

As promised/anticipated, a new version of our beautiful and practical Rear Rack is ready!

Heavy Duty Rear Rack
4 mm thick aluminium, with handles

The pictures shows a prototype, which reuses our known “old” Rear Rack, with a couple of reinforcements, made in 5mm aluminium, bolted to the Rear Rack, just to check envelope, dimensions and so on;

the final one will be in one piece (see CAD Image above), 4mm thick; that will make it capable more weight (the limitations are still those specified for the OEM rack by Aprilia);

in addition it will integrate the handles, so less parts to mount.

Finally, it is designed so that the rack plane is about 25mm higher, allowing to store a small bag with tools or a tire repair kit (or something else, you name it) underneath.