GWorx Handle V2

The Handle V2 is out!

Actually it wasn’t planned, but… You know, shit happens…

The PETG parts we received were below the quality that our supplier used to deliver.

Actually only the handles were not satisfying, while the other parts were as good as usual.

So we filed a claim, but, no matter the outcome of the claim, we meant that those who had bought the parts did not have to pay for other’s mistakes, so we decided to refund the cost of the parts and share with them the .stl file (something we don’t usually do) so that they could print them out in better quality, avoiding delay in delivering the parts.

But! Murphy is always there, so… We were not finished yet!

While working on the new version (Heavy Duty) of our Rear Rack we found out that a late change in the PETG handles, made to make them prettier (and not fit-checked to avoid, again delays, this time in purchasing,  lesson learned) actually created a design problem.

The handles (the plastic part) was interfering  with the Rear Rack…

So a quick redesign started, a new version of the PETG part was born, printed out, checked and send right away again the group buy.