Adjustable shifter/brake levers

Here we are!

The levers have been used now for more or less 1500 km, mostly on the road, but have seen also some (light) off and they work well also when standing.

The shifter lever has an adjustable (and of course foldable) tip, it can be moved ±10mm back and forward.

The brake lever has an adjustable part, the one where the tip (OEM or another compatible) is attached to, that can be moved ±10mm back and forward as well. And the whole lever can be adjusted in height (at the tip) of about ±15mm.

The grey parts in the pictures are in stainless steel, 3D printed, it looks like they don’t rust, so no need to paint them (they have also seen some salty water).

The levers (in black) are in carbon steel, they have been painted (powder coated) but we have a spare one, and does not show rust, even if it has been over two months in my (not isolated) garage, subject to humidity. Anyway we think it is a good idea to paint it.

We have received some requests for different colors, but we can only paint in black, for a simple reason: it is the only color I have/use with my hobby powder coating equipment. By the way, the quality of the paint is good, but do not expect professional paint quality. If you want to paint them in another color you will have to do that yourself.

No welding: all the parts can be replaced singularly.

The lever tips are adjustable, about ±10mm back and forward, from a position “more or less” equal to the OEM one; the shifter lever tip is also angled few degrees, so that it should “close” more easily in a drop; the brake lever can be adjusted also in height, about ±15mm, again from a position “more or less” equal to the OEM one.

There is a last ting to mention. The levers use a bushing different from the one in the OEM levers, same ID and length, but different OD. So we needed new O-rings. When we got them we noticed that, together with the tolerances we get on the parts, they play a huge role in the play the levers got on the pivot bolt and the friction when the levers are moving. They can actually, if too big, lock the lever, or make it hard to move. So we played a bit with o-ring dimensions, and we came to the conclusions that you can actually play with the o-rings and get the best combo play/friction according to your taste.

We used two thinner o-rings (which will be part of the kit), which made the levers very light to move but gave more play (movement) around the pivot bolt, and we have also used a thinner o-ring, at the interface with the washer, and a OEM one at the interface with the head of the pivot bolt, this giving less play but more friction.

In both cases the levers work totally fine.

See the two videos we posted on youtube, showing the play in these to cases (for the shifter lever, same happens on the brake lever):


Rear Rack HD angled spacer

Following a comment for one of the Rear Rack owners, we decided to test an additional spacer, between the tail and the Rear Rack, similar to the one used with the standard Rear Rack.

Actually it is not necessary, as the Rear Rack HD uses 4 screws, so it is stable as it is. But the additional spacer increase the stability of the Rear Rack, making negligible the (unavoidable) already small deflection when loaded.

The spacer also provides an additional attachment point (personally I have used to secure a small tool bag positioned under the rack).

It needs a conical washer and a countersunk M8x80, but a standard M8x75 with standard washer works as well.

The spacer is available for free on Thingiverse (search our name, the spacer is named FGWX-0-B-003).


Third GDA

Eventually… also the latest group buy is completed!

All packages are on their way, most of them already arrived, the last ones will arrive soon.

There has been a delay, caused by an error in the parts…

Shortly, the Quick Release has a left bracket and a right bracket… we got all left!

Even if the QR would have worked anyway, we didn’t want to deliver them that way, so we got in touch with the producer and they started the production of new parts right away, and even if they manage to produce and send them very quickly it cause a one week delay.

In the meantime we packed all the remaining parts and sent first all the packages that did not have QR in it, trying to minimize the delay.

Lesson learned: having a left and right bracket wasn’t really necessary, so the QR design has been modified, so that now the same bracket is used both side. 🙂

Now is time to test the new parts!


Shifter / Brake Levers

Slowly but we are getting there… 🙂

This week we got the first parts for the prototypes, still waiting for the levers but the results are very promising…

As usual these are something completely new and unseen:

  • All fitting are printed out (yes, you read correctly 🙂 ) in stainless steel;
  • Levers are in steel (easy to bend back to shape);
  • No welding: all the parts can be replaced singularly;
  • The lever tips are adjustable, to get it right both if you have a princess or a hobbit foot;
  • The shifter lever tip is angled few degrees, so that it should “close” more easily;
  • The brake lever can be adjusted in height, something that cannot be done with the OEM lever;

Aren’t they beautiful? 🙂


Now on Thingiverse!

From today is Giamaicaworx also on Thingiverse! Searching our name you will find several parts (more to come) that can be downloaded for free and 3D printed.

For instance:

  • we made a correction to the PETG parts of our Handles, you can now download it from Thingiverse
  • just made a small clip to carry out Carbonfiber Shifter Rod (or the OEM one) under the seat, another Giamaicaworx effort to use all the available space on the bike! 🙂
  • Do you want to mount our Siderack closer to the bike? Or do you need spacer to experiment with the position of our parts? We made a large database of spacers, both for M6 and M8 screws, feel free to download them!
  • Do you need other spacers? Let us know!

Rear/Side Rack Heavy Duty

Side Racks HD
Heavy Duty aluminium side racks

As promised/anticipated, new versions of our beautiful and practical Rear Rack and Side Rack are coming, the prototypes are on the way, but they won’t be fully tested until spring 2024.

The Rear Rack HD is actually our known “old” rack, but a couple of reinforcements, made in 5mm aluminium and bolted to the Rear Rack, will make it capable more weight, and integrates also the handles. The reinforcements are also designed so that the rack plane is about 25mm higher, allowing to store a small bag with tools or a tire repair kit underneath. And still the Rear Rack can be used without reinforcements, giving plenty of possibilities and configurations.

Same for the Side Rack, it is our well known design, but now made in 5mm aluminium, and with a slightly increased surface, so that larger saddlebags can be used without problems. Weight capacity is increased as well, due to the increased thickness and to the third attachment point, the M8 screws used by the OEM luggage systems.


GWorx Handle V2

The Handle V2 is out!

Actually it wasn’t planned, but… You know, shit happens…

The PETG parts we received were below the quality that our supplier used to deliver.

Actually only the handles were not satisfying, while the other parts were as good as usual.

So we filed a claim, but, no matter the outcome of the claim, we meant that those who had bought the parts did not have to pay for other’s mistakes, so we decided to refund the cost of the parts and share with them the .stl file (something we don’t usually do) so that they could print them out in better quality, avoiding delay in delivering the parts.

But! Murphy is always there, so… We were not finished yet!

While working on the new version (Heavy Duty) of our Rear Rack we found out that a late change in the PETG handles, made to make them prettier (and not fit-checked to avoid, again delays, this time in purchasing,  lesson learned) actually created a design problem.

The handles (the plastic part) was interfering  with the Rear Rack…

So a quick redesign started, a new version of the PETG part was born, printed out, checked and send right away again the group buy.