Rear/Side Rack Heavy Duty

Side Racks HD
Heavy Duty aluminium side racks

As promised/anticipated, new versions of our beautiful and practical Rear Rack and Side Rack are coming, the prototypes are on the way, but they won’t be fully tested until spring 2024.

The Rear Rack HD is actually our known “old” rack, but a couple of reinforcements, made in 5mm aluminium and bolted to the Rear Rack, will make it capable more weight, and integrates also the handles. The reinforcements are also designed so that the rack plane is about 25mm higher, allowing to store a small bag with tools or a tire repair kit underneath. And still the Rear Rack can be used without reinforcements, giving plenty of possibilities and configurations.

Same for the Side Rack, it is our well known design, but now made in 5mm aluminium, and with a slightly increased surface, so that larger saddlebags can be used without problems. Weight capacity is increased as well, due to the increased thickness and to the third attachment point, the M8 screws used by the OEM luggage systems.