Third GDA

Eventually… also the latest group buy is completed!

All packages are on their way, most of them already arrived, the last ones will arrive soon.

There has been a delay, caused by an error in the parts…

Shortly, the Quick Release has a left bracket and a right bracket… we got all left!

Even if the QR would have worked anyway, we didn’t want to deliver them that way, so we got in touch with the producer and they started the production of new parts right away, and even if they manage to produce and send them very quickly it cause a one week delay.

In the meantime we packed all the remaining parts and sent first all the packages that did not have QR in it, trying to minimize the delay.

Lesson learned: having a left and right bracket wasn’t really necessary, so the QR design has been modified, so that now the same bracket is used both side. 🙂

Now is time to test the new parts!