Front Rack Assy

Aluminium front rack extended

Our exclusive features, coming from the idea to use the available space behind the windscreen.

With our kits it is possible to fix horizontally single bags (containing tools, medical kits, or other) or a single larger bag mounted vertically:

the multiple mounting possibilities leave no limits to the fantasy or needs, and expand the load capabilities already offered by our
Rear Rack e Side Racks.

Offered in 3mm thick sandblasted aluminium, it is fixed directly to the tower and uses the four existing screws for the harness lid, and has several elongated holes to attach straps to hold the load.

We’ve developed an “extended” version too to maximise the load possibility:

In one piece is even lighter and stiffer than the first, two pieces version and also provides several elongated holes for straps

Whatever transported in the bags attached to the Front Rack is clearly more accessible by using our Windscreen Hinge, which transforms the windscreen itself in a practical “hood”.
Both the kits are provided with all necessary screws/washers/spacers.