Annuncio Presentazione

Still in motion

We’re almost done with the postages and next week the last packages will be sent:
We’re really sorry it took so much time.

Our time must be shared between many activities and persons,
but we try to do the best we can so that we are proud to present our latest “creations” too:

  • The handles are done and mounted;
  • The quick release system for the windscreen is also produced as prototype;

Both of them are already in use, because they’re not just ornaments,
and August 18th till 20th they will be tested, through and hard, while a quick’n’dirty tour in Denmark.

Sketch and descriptions are to find as usual in the home page.

2 replies on “Still in motion”

As discussed in a other place, I suggest to extend the plastic cover to the complete handles. I think it looks like nicer.

Hi Fabio, we will try, probably you’re right, they will look better. 🙂

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